Are You a Victim of Food Commercialization?

With the price of food going up, it has become just that much more expensive for some of us that are wanting to eat healthy meals and get trim. But there is one concept or question we need to analyze ourselves to get on the right track inexpensively. Are you a victim of commercialization? The thing is, our lives in America are based way too much on commercialization. Whatever we wear, what we eat, how we spend our spare time, etc. is for the sake of satisfying the few at the top that provide things that we really don’t need.

healthy food

People’s diets are based on commercialization. They eat the things that allow corporations to profit. And what allows corporations to profit is unhealthy high fructose corn syrup loaded food with little nutritional value. For example, some people think they are feeding their kids healthy when they give them a sandwich made with white bread. First of all, the white bread is nothing but cheap bleach refined flour laced with high fructose corn syrup to add to the taste and add to the addiction. Then the turkey or chicken that is put into the sandwich is more than likely pumped full of nitrates and sodium. So there ya go. Give your kid a sandwich, and you just fed them junk.

The point is, you can actually spend much less on food, yet each a much healthier high quality diet than most other people. So where’s a good place to start? The first food item that is a must in any kitchen cabinet is a bag of organic long grain brown rice. It doesn’t cost a lot and it will last all week. It is healthy pure whole grains for your body to absorb. You’ll find that your body deals with brown rice better than what you would think being that it is high in carbs. If you are working out, you’ll find that you can still get trim while eating plenty of brown rice. As for myself, I’ll cook a batch of brown rice, put some ’smart’ butter in it and a little organic soy sauce. It taste great, it’s cheap to make, and doesn’t leave me feeling bloated. It’s an excellent healthy meal for pennies a day.


Next, get yourself some Pepperridge honey flax wheat bread. It’s the only whole grain bread I could find without corn syrup. It’s got a few grams of sugar in it, but it’s acceptable. A loaf will cost you about $3-$4 dollars and will last all week. It’s great for one sandwich at lunch time. Put a little peanut butter or chicken meat from the deli on it, and you got yourself a well balanced meal. Also add some yogurt in with your lunch. I actually buy “Yo Baby” brand yogurt from Whole Foods for babies. They are almost adult sized yogurts, but they don’t have much sugar and the rest of the ingredients is fairly healthy. Good enough to feed to a baby. Add a little peanut butter to the yogurt, and it is a great snack at lunch, and late afternoon before a workout. As for the peanut butter, Whole Foods allows you to grind peanuts to make your own peanut butter for about $3.79 a pound. Not exactly super cheap, but you definitely know you are getting nothing but pure peanut butter.

For breakfast, eggs are always a great choice. Buy yourself a few cartons and make some egg whites with a yolk or two in the morning. Add a little seasoning, and maybe even a little brown rice, and you got yourself a well balanced breakfast. As for myself, I do have a jug of protein powder that I make a smoothie with for mornings. I’ll add peanut butter and some unsweetened carob chips to simulate chocolate chips. I’m picky about my protein. I will not use any protein powders with sucralose. The powders I use either have no sweeteners added to make them tasteless, and sometimes I will use protein with aspartame.


I’ve heard horrible things about aspartame, but I’ve found that it gives me absolutely no side effects whatsoever unlike sucralose. I normally use Whey protein, but lately I am trying some MLO milk and egg protein. The reason being is that it seems like no matter how much whey protein I ingest, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit as far as helping me gain a little more muscle from my workouts. The milk and egg protein tastes nasty. I’m able to get rid of most of the bad taste with the way I make my protein shakes. But I figure, if it tastes horrible, then it just might be good for me. I’ve been using it for a week, and I actually feel a little more toned. I think my body absorbs that type of protein better. Other people might be different.

So when it comes to eating cheap, you can definitely eat much cheaper than I mentioned above by simply eating refined flour products and boxes of oatmeal cream pies. But you’ll end up feeling like crap and looking like crap. The point I’m trying to make is that it is going to cost more to eat a strict healthy wholesome diet, but it really doesn’t have to be that expensive. The only foods you need in your kitchen are long grain brown rice, eggs, flax whole wheat bread with no HFCS, a small tub of protein, some yogurt, and chicken bought from a deli. Stay away from an canned tuna products on the shelves or lunch meats that you find in the refrigerated section. They are pumped full of sodium and will leave you feeling like crap. Try to keep your food items as pure and as natural as possible. It’s not super cheap, but they are affordable healthy meals all week long. And your body will thank you.